Well he couldn’t believe his eyes but it was her out there
By the side of the road and she was trying to get somewhere
Well he sure hit the brakes and he stopped and he picked her right up
So now they race through the night pretending that they’ll never stop

Well there are houses, streets and towns
But we are strangers everywhere
Cause the world is a friendly place
But there’s no love out in the air
She said, roll down the window and let them hear us sing
God, I wish I could remember everything

This is the place where they stopped in the dead of night
And this is the room where he loved her so much he could have cried
And just as they were seizing the moment, well, the moment just died.

Cause baby, there’s a heart and a home
But we’ll be strangers everywhere
Thinking we might not be alone
But we’re not getting anywhere
And she said, boy, if I could fly I would just spread my wings
God, I wish I could remember everything

Got a head full of memories that don’t connect
Got a heart full of longing and a conscience like a car wreck
Well she couldn’t believe her eyes, but it was him out there