Here`s my reason, I`ve got no reason, the reason I`ve had has disappeared
Love came shining, love came blinding
And then it sort of left me here
The place goes crazy about some rhythm, hammering till the morning comes
A blur of bodies, hands keep reaching, reaching out for anyone
So I`m dancing, so I`m mingling, gonna party my heart out in here
Here`s my reason, I need no reason, the reason I had has disappeared

Love gets lost, the emptiness is full of stars
I`m getting dizzy drawing rings around myself
Keep up the noise and put a drink in front of me
I`m only wrestling with myself
Drawing rings around myself

So here`s where I am and here`s where I`ll be to take another chance
We`re not being loved, just being fucked
But hey, come join the dance

Love gets lost….

And if I could I`d throw it all away