It’s alright, It’s alright if you
It’s alright, It’s alright if you
Hurry down those stairs to catch your train
And leave me to my loneliness again
Cause I’m alright, I’m alright if you are
Yeah I’m alright, and it’s alright if you
Go away if that’s where you want to be
I’ll be okay even if you don’t come back to me
But I’m gonna fight for that love inside of me
It’s not gonna die – It’s gonna stay with me

So it’s alright if you go home
But maybe you’ll be all alone

Then swallow your pride and run right back to me
Through the evening light I’m gonna take you home with me
To feel alive, to feel these things again
To change my life into something good again

But it’s alright if you don’t feel this way (x2)
It’s alright if you don’t love me (x3)
Oh no!