About ear:

EAR are two guys. Günther Harder writes the lyrics, sings and plays the drums. Raphael Tschernuth composes the music, plays the instruments and takes care of recording and production.

Since forming at a drama school in 2002, EAR have released seven albums, their latest one being Elysian Fields in January 2015.

The two have subsequently moved to Berlin respectively Hannover and continue to develop their very own sound. Originally started as a kind of Lo-fi studio project with strong electronic influences, you could now describe their music as alternative pop. As opposed to the full band arrangements that can be heard on their albums, EAR started playing stripped down, highly energetic versions of their songs in concert, just with vocals, acoustic guitar and piano. These performances clearly showcase the two`s passion for and devotion to their music. Their music is available on Bandcamp http://ear-theband.bandcamp.com/


The people:

Günther Harder (vocalist, lyricist, drummer) is currently working as a stage actor in Hannover.

Raphael Tschernuth (composer, multi instrumentalist, producer) is currently working as a composer in Berlin.

Download PRESS KIT:

english version / Deutsche Version


The albums:

Elysian Fields (2015) / Out In The Open (2012) / Acoustic Sessions EP (2011) / By Heart (2010) / Summer Of Ghosts (2008) / Unfinished Business (2006) / No One Is An Island (2005) / Smalltown Collapse (2003) / Dostojewski Trip (2002)


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